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Biogas by Innovative Anaerobic Digester Process and Gasifier solutions

Specialising in biomass & solid waste anaerobic digestion systems using the latest ETP Network  systems. The system produces two beneficial products from the processing.

1. Dependant on the material being processed, it can be reduced to approx 60% in weight and is turned into a good fibrous soil conditioner that can be safely spread onto land or maturated on into bio-compost that can be bagged & sold as a quality bio-fertilizer product.

2. The biogas from the process is turned into energy that generates green electricity renewable . The system is self-sufficient, providing on-site electricity for processing needs/local use & larger sites can export back onto the national grid.

Anaerobic digestion is classified as one of needed technology under the Green Energy law. Owners / operators can claim Green Certificates that can be traded to give an additional income to the operation.

The digested material that returns to the land has most of the nitrogen locked from the AD process. This increases plant growth whilst removing more CO2 from the air.


Gasifier System

The company  supplies and installs modular CHP projects using gasifiers to process wood biomass feedstock. The process does not require any additional fuel sources for either start up or normal running and is suitable for rural and industrial locations as well as small scale district CHP projects.

The virtual elimination of tar carry through in the gas stream and E&PSolution's engineering expertise ensures that the products have low downtimes and are manufactured to a high quality standard.


Solar Thermal, Photovoltaic & Small Wind

Manufacturers of our pv mounting system and importers of solar thermal, photovoltaic and small wind.


ETP Network develops bespoke solutions to meet sustainable energy requirements.

ETP Network work with developers, local authorities and domestic homes.

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