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ETP network invests in biomass/biofuel, small lwind, photovoltaic - solar thermal  projects at every development stage. 
From site selection to project design,ETP network and its companies have all the necessary resources needed for the realization of a renewable energy project.

Financial and technical excellence, partnerships with key technology suppliers and environmental specialists, represent the value added to each project development carried on by ETP network.    

ETP network develops all the activities in a project value chain: from the choice of the more efficient and innovative technology to the financial, legal and fiscal structuring and the management of the plant itself.


Our managers and professionals are experienced in renewables and environment with a large networks of contacts.

They are also members of internationals associations as:



   We are also linked to EU Technology Transfer Network and collaborate with us prestigious research centers.

ETP Group has a strong network of institutional relationships and is interested in finding new partners (companies, associations, Institutions) which share its same vision of sustainable development.


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